MAINTAINING AND BUILDING relationships — that is what’s at the heart of media and public relations. Both are broad-topic considerations that must be addressed with sensitive, but strategic efforts.

The goal of effective Media Relations is to enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with journalists (whether they work in press, TV, radio, or Web industries). By supplying media outlets with timely, interesting content (interviews or press releases, for example) in formats they appreciate, Persuasive Communications can help your business be a welcomed source for news, trend, or human interest stories.

Public relations efforts target the general marketplace. Through events, campaigns, and communications, we can help the public formulate a positive popular view or opinion of your company’s brand or offering.   


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    STEP 1: Listen & Learn

    EACH ORGANIZATION has its own set of particulars. Complex markets, political sensitivities, or specific business rules are just a few of the nuanced considerations that will influence your marketing communications considerations. That’s why our consulting and production services begin with good old-fashioned listening. Before we make any recommendations or begin any creative project, we first get a handle on all the details that make your company unique.
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    STEP 2: Research & Plan

    OUR EXPERIENCE, skill set, and expertise certainly enables us to provide solid marketing communications direction — but, even so, we never stop learning. Each of our projects is carefully considered and well thought out. We address each organization as a unique entity with unique challenges, and that requires thorough study and strategic planning.
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    STEP 3: Propose & Revise

    OUR CLIENTS are never hands-off. We walk step-by-step alongside the organizations we advise. Once we have identified a set of solutions that will address your organization’s unique challenges, we will present our proposed plan for your input and revision. No one knows your company as well as you do. If you’re not happy with the plan, it doesn’t go forward.
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    STEP 4: Develop & Implement

    THE PRODUCTION STAGE is when the conceptual becomes tangible. From copywriting and design to placement and Web development, we can help your organization realize its marketing communications vision. Though this productive phase is often fun and exciting, it can be costly, too — project scope creep and deadline extensions are just two ways a poorly managed project can go sour. But we don’t let that happen. We are true project managers. We offer regular communication about each project’s standing, and we are readily available for check-ins and updates.
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    STEP 5: Manage & Measure

    CAMPAIGNS DON’T END after launch. Whether it’s a print ad, a Internet landing page, or something more complex, like a portfolio of complementing pieces of collateral, it needs to be evaluated. We don’t measure success by completion alone; we strive for quantifiable effectiveness. Web analytics, sales numbers, user surveys — these are just a few of the tools we employ to analyze a marketing communications effort. Then, we apply what we learn to the next campaign, making constant improvement part of our routine processes.


Be Someone

Who are you? Identify your organization’s Character & Values. Present a consistent, relatable image.

Make More Money

Employ a strategic Marketing Mix to connect with viable prospects and retain paying customers.

Spell It Out

There’s a message you want to deliver. Our Creative Copywriting helps you say what you mean.

Look Better

First impressions matter. Don’t be unfairly judged by homemade Graphics and Design. We can deliver professional collateral.

Google Yourself

Are you coming up on top? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about being found via Internet search engines. We can help you.

Simplify Your Website

Websites don’t need to be overly complicated. Use a Content Management System (CMS) for a scalable, editable website.
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