KNOWING YOUR ROLE in the marketplace is key in promoting and growing your business. You must know who you are, what you offer, and how to communicate with potential clients and partners.

Persuasive Communication can not only provide copywriting, graphic design, or Internet marketing that sells; we can also help you tackle bigger, “high-level” business strategy questions. We can help you set reasonable goals with targeted benchmarks. These marketing strategy services include:

Branding & Business Strategy Consulting

Brand Development

Who are you? Let us help you establish an understanding of your organization's identity and voice an a methodology for communicating from within that image.

Analytics & Statistics

Web analytics, sales numbers, user surveys — these are just a few of the tools we employ to analyze and quantify marketing communications efforts.

Grant Writing

With the proper 'grantsmanship,' your funding proposals and applications will meet the process requirements of your targets and will also stand apart from the competition.

Marketing Mix Planning

Persuasive Communications can help your organization place, price, and promote its product and service offerings with a pragmatic and executable strategy.

Media Relations & PR

Do you know you how to relate to editors and producers? Let us help guide and manage your relationships with the press to maximize positive publicity.

Internet Marketing

From website development and content production to social media management and e-mail marketing, let us serve as your lead Internet marketing resource.
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